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Welcome to the Royal Highland Yacht Club web pages.

Royal Highland Yacht Club

We are the Royal Highland Yacht Club, founded in 1881, and one of Scotland's oldest yacht clubs.  We are proud to have been granted an Admiralty Warrant enabling permits to be issued for members to wear the undefaced blue ensign on their yachts.

Originally founded and based in Oban, we have just over 600 members with just over 300 boats within that membership.

Whether you are a member of the Club or not, please have a look through the website to find out more about us.

Members: please see the news page (need to login) for important information about a hazard in the Puilladobhrain anchorage

Updated: 14 July, 2014


Summer Muster

A report of the Summer Muster held on 5th July will follow shortly

Late Summer Muster

Our next event will be the Late Summer Muster and first aid course on Loch Craignish on 16th August 2014.

More details to follow